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Capital City Cafes


The Senior meal program provides hot, nutritious meals to seniors throughout Providence. The program has 7 cafes throughout the Providence area. Dining cafes are open Monday through Friday. All meals meet 1/3 of the dietary reference intake for seniors and are approved by a registered dietitian.

Transportation is available to the closest cafe to those who are 60 years of age and older, or people under the age of 60 who are disabled or receive general public assistance.

For further information on transportation to the nearest dining location, please contact the RIDE Program at 1-800-479-6902 or LogistiCare at 1-855-330-9131.

Diners have a meal choice from two entrees offered. Diabetic Desserts are available in lieu of a baked good or sweet dessert, when requested by the diner at the time of his/her meal reservation.

Each diner is provided with a monthly menu which includes a nutrition newsletter on the back. Also distributed monthly is an additional nutrition handout.


For more information about this program or related volunteer opportunities, please call (401) 351-6700 and ask for the “Senior Nutrition Department ” or e-mail dbrissette@rimeals.org.

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