Right now, more than 33,000 Rhode Island seniors—more than 15 percent of the state’s senior population—are threatened by hunger.need-by-the-numbers
With Rhode Island’s senior population projected to rise 75 percent by 2040 from what it was in 2010, thousands more seniors may soon face not knowing if they will have enough to eat today or when they will have their next full meal.
No senior should be burdened with that worry or with feelings of isolation and loneliness in their golden years.
Sadly, many Rhode Island seniors are living this way.
Nearly 30 percent our senior population live alone. We know that thousands of those seniors are unable to get of the house on their own and that they are seldom visited.
They cannot safely shop for—or prepare—their own meals, and their lack of transportation is a primary barrier to food access. Their limited socialization contributes to poor mental health.
There is hope for these seniors.
Meals on Wheels of RI services are helping at-risk seniors to stay nourished, healthy and safe while living independently in their own homes.
Eighty-one percent of Meals on Wheels of RI clients say our daily delivered meals and safety checks improves their overall health, 90 percent say it makes them feel more safe and secure and 92 percent say we make it possible for them to remain living in their own home.
According to the Administration on Aging, seniors who receive home-delivered meals experience an enhanced quality of life, reduced isolation, improved mental and physical health and fewer falls and hospitalizations.
That means Meals on Wheels of RI saves the state millions in medical costs. The cost of providing a year of home-delivered meals is equal to the cost of a senior spending one day in a hospital or one week in a nursing home.
In 2017, we kept more than 2,500 Rhode Islander seniors nourished and safe, delivering more than 340,000 meals across the state. With each meal, we also provided a daily safety check and a friendly visit to every Meals on Wheels of RI client.
There are regularly hundreds of our seniors on our waitlist, and with your gift we could help even more Rhode Islanders remain food secure and safe.