Meals on Wheels of RI has several opportunities for virtual and (limited) in-person volunteering to benefit the homebound seniors we serve across the state, reducing the feelings of isolation and loneliness often associated with their homebound status. Whether it’s holding a collection drive for our Pet Food Program or sending a greeting card with a note of good cheer, just a little of your time will make a big difference in the life of one of our homebound clients.

Sending Senior Cheer

Our clients love to receive “treats” from caring individuals—those who have taken the time to make something thoughtful that can brighten the day of a homebound senior.

 Senior Smiles

It only takes a few minutes to brighten someone’s entire day.

Senior Wish Program

At the holiday season or any time of year, our homebound clients are gifted with everyday essentials they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Pet Food Program

Our Pet Food Program provides clients with necessities including cat/dog food, cat litter, cat/dog dental treats, and other items such as cat toys, dog bones, etc.