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How to Get Meals

Get Meals
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Meals on Wheels of Rhode Island Home-Delivered Meal program participants receive a complete and nutritious, fully-prepared meal that meets one-third of the recommended daily dietary intake delivered right to their door. 

Our small team of paid drivers and a network of over 700 caring volunteers deliver meals throughout the state on weekdays between 10:00am and 2:00pm.

For more information, call (401) 351-6700.

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Meal Types

All meal offerings are healthy and tasty with controlled sodium, fat, and sugar. The menus are approved by a registered dietitian to ensure balanced meals throughout the week, and our menu changes monthly.

Medically Tailored and Therapeutic Meals 
For those with a chronic disease or eating challenges, we offer special meals: 

  • Cardiac:  Heart-healthy meals to control salt and cholesterol intake 

  • Diabetic:  Meals that contain foods to help control blood-sugar levels and blood pressure 

  • Renal:  Meals featuring low-potassium and kidney-friendly foods 

  • Chopped, Ground, or Pureed: Meals prepared for easy ingesting

Culturally Responsive Meals 
We offer these meal choices to better serve our culturally diverse participants: 

  • Latin 
  • Asian 
  • Kosher


To qualify for meals, participants must meet these conditions:


For detailed nutrition questions, please call us at (401) 351-6700 or your nearest Service Center

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